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Thanks to my bloggy  friend Leah of Sang the Bird for passing the sunshine award to me today!  It made me smile 🙂


*Here are my 10 favorites:

color(s) :: mint green & coral

animal :: Sadly I am allergic to most animals, but I love pet sitting for my brother's min-pin Hemingway!  He has so much energy and is a great running partner!

Non-alcoholic drink:: Unsweetened ice tea with lemon, served over ice with a straw!!  Tastes like summer to me!

facebook or twitter :: Recently I've been connecting with so many new people on Twitter!  It's a great source for up to minute information and a modern way to say hello/thanks/nice to meet you...I get excited to connect with people and see who they are following too!

getting or giving presents :: I get such great joy seeing people's face light up when they open a gift, so definitely giving presents!

flower ::  Peony's

pattern :: Floral

passion :: Capturing moments and sharing them!

number :: 13

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